UTR Foundation

UTRFoundation is a 510(c) (3) organization formed in 2013 by drag racer Reginald Bass for the purpose of providing mentoring and outreach opportunities to youth. 

It all begin one morning Reginald awoke to another report on local news station that a young black kid had died as a result of gun violence.   In response to this epidemic, Reginald felt called to offer kids in  his community an alternative to at risk behavior.  The first program was launched in 2013 which was named Fun Without a Gun.

Fun Without a Gun provides student an opportunity to attend a drag race, meet a race team and learn how to have fun in constructive way.  Wanting to offer students more opportunity for positive encouragement, in 2016 Reginald began the Youth of Month  social media program which recognizes the academic accomplishments and the civic engagement of kids by promoting them in a live interview using positive use of social media platforms

In 2017 Youth Leadership Academy was launched providing youth ages 7-15 a workshop series that focus on  giving youth information  about access to college and career readiness training.

UTRFoundation also provides outreach to those in need, in 2000 the annual Hat and Glove drive was started and as of today has provided over 1000 care packages to the homeless.  The annual distribution happens during the thanksgiving holiday every year.


 UTR Foundation continues to extent it's reach into the community by offering disaster relief services organizing five emergency relief distribution during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 delivering thousands of dollars of emergency supplies, hot meals, and clothing to Northeast communities.

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 Contact Us:

2515 Silvermeadows Dr. Houston TX 77014


1-877-257-1678 ext 2 

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